13 – 15th July 2018


We’re hosting our fifth weekend gathering in the summer, camping in the idyllic gardens and grounds of our headquarters in Welwyn, 25 miles north of London, for what could be the last time in this location. Pitch your tent alongside other young adults. Join us to learn how to nurture a contagious Christian faith to engage the most secular society on earth. The continent of Europe comprises about 13% of the world’s population living in about fifty countries. All have a Christian tradition of sorts but know very little of the truth of Biblical Christianity. You’ll hear a range of perspectives from across Europe, meet the students at our School and other like-minded Christians. We will dig into the Bible and might toast some marshmallows.

The European Huddle 2017 

The Huddle…an event where brothers and sisters in Christ meet together from many nations and languages. Those countries represented were the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, France, Bolivia, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Guatemala, Ukraine, Romania, South Africa, Germany, and Hungary. Christians from all these countries with one common love, Jesus Christ. This is the fourth year of the event.  Every year new people in their 20’s and 30’s come and camp in the beautiful grounds of Guessens in Welwyn and have the opportunity to hear fine speakers like Pál Borzási and Lindsay Brown. It is a time of encouragement, up-building of one’s faith but it also gives a fresh perspective on mission, whether that is in full time ministry, or in secular work.  All disciples have a mission and responsibility to spread the Gospel and to be salt in and light to the world.

If you like camping and being strengthened in your faith plus enjoy meeting new people, then the Huddle is the place to be. The event starts with setting up your tent (or just arriving while someone else sets one up!), a time of getting to know each other and then the welcome with the first talk followed by a bonfire and cooking marshmallows on it while drinking hot chocolate.   Then on day two you awake to new friends in the form of ducks in the nearby river and a hearty breakfast. Morning worship, seminars and preaching happen throughout the day. As noted above we had some excellent speakers.

Pál from a church in Transylvania, Romania, is well known to supporters of EMF.  He preached on Acts in two parts and took a seminar on migration, nationalism and land in the Bible.  Lindsay is an evangelist at large to students and works for the International Federation of Evangelical Students. He spoke about mission in the modern world and said that we as Christians must “penetrate into society. Salt must soak into the heart.” He also said “Christians are to be radically different from the world.” All who attended The Huddle went away challenged, having followed the talks with much discussion in free time.

The two speakers were excellent and their enthusiasm was contagious.  Pál Borzási’s voice went two octaves higher when excited about the gospel and Lindsay Brown, in pink or salmon trousers, spoke with a passionate heart about his Saviour’s gospel going out to the nations.  He shared considerable experience of people and places keeping us totally engaged.

Both speakers are great examples of godly men and it was a privilege to hear them speak to us and answer our questions.

David Easton
Former EMF School student


best example and experience

“it’s the best example and experience of Christians coming together from different countries and being one.”

wonderful to see so many other young Christians from so many different countries

“It was so wonderful to see so many other young Christians from so many different countries. I come from a country where there are few Christians, it was encouraging to see that you’re not alone. Most of all it was great learning that a life without God is meaningless.”

My expectations were met tenfold

“My expectations we met tenfold! I was able to engage, encourage and learn from other people who were from around Europe (and the World!).”

precious time of fellowship

“I loved meeting with Christians from across Europe, and with those in the UK with a heart for the advance of the gospel across our continent. It also offered a challenge to reach those of different nations who live locally to us. It was a precious time of fellowship with God’s people.”

The best!

“I’ve attended other mission events and weekends for young adults, and I can honestly say this was one of the best weekends I’ve experienced. The conference exceeded my expectations on so many levels.”

I feel equipped

“What a great weekend. Great people, amazing atmosphere, edifying and equipping.”


This is an exciting and unique conference hosted by EMF for young adults in their 20s and 30s. EMF is a mission partner that encourages the Christians of Europe to reach their neighbours because Jesus Christ is worthy of Europe’s praise. For over fifty years we have been working patiently with local churches and indigenous Christians. We encourage others with our knowledge and experience, sharing our passion for the church of Europe.

13 – 15th July 2018

Welwyn, UK

Cost (including all meals):
Wage earners – £85
Non-wage earners – £50